About Us

The Antony Awards are the literary awards dealing with mystery work and writers at the Bouchercon World Convention. It was first presented in the year 1986. The awards were named after one of the American Mystery Writer, Anthony Boucher. He was a well- known writer as well as a critic from the New York Times. Anthony Boucher is known for helping and boosting the careers of various recipients. It is a yearly event which honors some of the mystery and crime authors. Awards are voted by the people who attend the event in multiple categories.

Often we recognize some of the crime fiction writers who have written their work in a manner that stands out from other writers. The ones which stand out are mainly voted by people, and the authors are awarded for their work. After the nominations, the final winner will be announced.

In Boucheron, the awards are run by a group of people who have volunteered. We ensure that the venue and the authors nominated are aware to avoid any last minute rash. We also provide nomination forms for the readers to vote. In case you register with Bouchercon 2018, you will receive a nomination form. For more information, look at our website: bouchercon2016.com.