Yoga Vs. Gym: Which Workout Makes You Fitter?

This is not a new discussion. For years now, people have been trying to compare yoga and gym. The two aspects are important towards attaining a healthy body. You can engage in both at, but one offers more flexibility to the other.

yoga involves several physical, mental and spiritual practices that one can engage in for various benefits. Gym on the other side includes the harder exercises in the gym environment where one lifts weights, does cardio, etc. Yoga and gym can actually be used if one actually wants to lose weight.

Difference between yoga and the gym.

Being that the two aspects are very essential for the human body, it is appropriate to say that it is very hard to engage in both. This is because of the big gap between the two. Below are some of the differences between yoga and gym;

1. Energy used.

For yoga, you really do not use any energy; you only engage in exercises that make you mentally strong. You just meditate and practice breathing without having to lose much energy.


For the gym, you have to engage various types of muscles in the body according to the gym exercises you are doing. You will have to sweat, feel tired at the end of the session and even feel hungry.

2.Benefit in losing weight.

Yes, yoga can help you lose weight but is never more effective than gym. With yoga, you burn minimal calories per session. With going to the gym, you burn a lot of calories according to the exercises you engage in.

If you are doing high-intensity training, the more exercises you lose more calories translating to fast weight loss.

3.General body outcome.

The gym eats up your energy and only gives you back weight loss, toning and strength. Yoga, on the other hand, benefits your body mentally and physically. Engaging in yoga helps you lose weight, tone, strengthening in some degree, breathing exercises,meditation, flexibility, etc.


You can not get all this at the gym. In fact, the gym can cause frustration especially when your hard work is not bearing any fruits on the other side.


If you have ever committed to going to the gym, you can tell how strenuous and inconveniencing it can be. You have to travel to the gym for sessions, pay some amount of money, etc. With yoga, things are different; you can do yoga at home with the direction of a yoga coach or YouTube video. This means you can engage in yoga at the comfort of your home.

The above are some of the similarities and differences of yoga and gym but if you are torn between the two, weigh the goals you have for your body and choose between yoga and gym; which one will help you attain your goals.