World Mystery Convention Announces Anthony Award

Bouchercon made announcements on the nominees of the 2018 Anthony Awards. The nominees will all meet on September 8 in St. Petersburg, Florida. The event will be held at Vinoy Renaissance Resort. Reservation rates are open, and details are available in Boucheron, it is good to appreciate the works of people since they feel more motivated and encouraged.

The World Mystery Convention will be attended by readers, writers, publishers among others. The awards will be given out on 8th September at the World Mystery Convention at times referred to as Boucheron.

The various nominations are a show of the different writers who wrote on the crime fiction. The chosen nominees for Anthony Awards of 2018 were picked by those who attended the 2017 convention and the early registrants for the event of this year, 2018. From the various nominations, the winners will also be chosen over that weekend.

World Mystery Convention Announces Anthony AwardUnder the category of the Best Short Story, Susanna Calkins from Domestic 12 wrote “The Trial of Madame Pelletier.” She came up with her story after doing some research she did in graduate school so many years ago. She talks of the Lady Poisoner who is tried several times. She is charged with being a lawbreaker and as a female. Susanna’s main focus was to show the various levels the woman can be charged. She admits that since she read “Witness for persecution” by Agatha Christie, she has always aspired to write something on courtroom drama.

Among the Best Online Content include Writers Types Podcast: Erick Beetner and S.W Lawden, Jungle Red Writers: Group Blog. The red writers inform readers of the events yet to take place, and they also mention some of their favorite books. Readers are also given an opportunity to list some of the novels they find interesting. From the various views given by the blog writers and the readers, a keen person can pick out some novels to read from the background given.

Glass Houses by Louise Penny is also one of the Best Novel nominated this year. The author is one of the loved New York Times bestselling authors. The book has been anticipated for the award-winning convention. It is one of the crime novels that shatters conventions in the novel in exploring what Gandhi called the court of conscience. The book talks about power, privilege and responsibility mediation. She creates suspense in the book where she talks of Penny who does not give names of victims after a murder has occurred. Halfway of the book, the author and the victims are still hidden. She instead uses some courtroom theatrics and flashbacks while introducing a cadre of characters. Later it becomes evident that there is more on trial than murder. Her main point is that there is no salvation without making sacrifices.

As a supportive writer, reader or critic it is high time to meet with these writers in September. Purpose not to miss out as your vote will count in the next award nominations as well as this event.