Which Version of Lightroom is the Best for Me

The Executive knowledge on the things to consider while purchasing the right version of Lightroom is essential for everyone in the photography sector. There are various versions of Lightroom available in the market, and it can be confusing and painstaking to decide on the right one to select.

While selecting the most suitable type for you, it is vital to know the precise activities you want to do with the software. It is important to note that there is no wrong version of Lightroom and they are updated from time-to-time to ensure there are new versions that match with the latest technology.

In this article, I am going to highlight some of the features of Lightroom Classic CC as I consider it the best version because it incorporates all the new features of Lightroom.

Lightroom Classic CC as a subscription

Adobe has invested a lot of time and funds to make a better version of the Lightroom much better making it a much option as a market standard along with Photoshop.

Light room

There are several subscription plans you can choose for Lightroom CC that depends on the storage space you get and the editing options provided. Overall, here are the fundamental advantages you derive from using the version alongside the disadvantages you incur.


1.The fastest and best Optimized Version of Lightroom

Lightroom Classic CC, in general, is much quicker and its inter-phase feels more flawless as compared to other versions of Lightroom.

The latest version generates preview faster, exports and imports faster and the switch to different modes is also swift. here is where you can process a massive amount of images and feel like you have done very little at the click of a finger.

2.Support of the Latest Camera Options

Lightroom Classic CC supports any version of the camera owned any time after December 2017. Also, it matches all the latest updates and 4K quality options of the latest versions of the new cameras.

Light room

Therefore for every support, you need with the version of the new camera, you are sure to get it from the Lightroom Classic CC.

3.All the Features of Lightroom

Lightroom incorporates all the latest features of Lightroom in the new version and makes them relevant for all the new gadgets. Moreover, the older features that are still relevant to the current photography industry are incorporated in the software to deal with all your post-processing needs.

These features are suitable for all the activities you may need from organizing and sorting your photos, editing and other post-processing activities you may need from software.

4.Lightroom CC Option

The reason this version surpasses its closest competitor the Lightroom CC is because it includes all the features in it. Moreover, you can be able to synchronize, backup and import your photos to the cloud storage.


This version is relevant for both the computer and Smartphone mobile. Therefore, if you want to use the software at the palm of your hands, the Lightroom Classic CC is the best option for you.


The most significant disadvantage you have to put up with when you subscribe to the Lightroom CC is the cost you have to incur.

This cost from afar cannot be considered as a disadvantage owing to the value you get from all the features availed to you and the new features incorporated. This con is not more of a con but an investment you have to consider because of the benefits you will get in return.

Final Verdict

The Lightroom Classic CC is the latest version of Lightroom, and it incorporates the best features of Lightroom. You can find all the photo processing options from this version and get all the value you need. According to me, this is the best software option for Lightroom, and it offers you the freedom to edit your photos very effectively and therefore it is worth the subscription.