What Spray Tan Do Celebrities Use

We are in the 21st century where people are judged by their looks. Celebs are in the forefront and they are judged by their dress codes, hairstyles, and by the look of their skins. For celebrities to have a golden glow skin all year round, most of them are turning to sugar-based spray tans that blend excellently with the natural chemistry of their bodies and they end up getting a natural looking skin without any effect of the ultraviolet rays.

Some celebs request spray tanner to come to their homes while others visit a spa and pay up to $50 for these services while others use their preferred bronzing products in-home. If you’ve been wondering how most celebrities keep their limbs sun-kissed all year round, here is a list of spray tan and the celebrities that use it.

1. St. Tropez – Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is definitely an admiration among men and an item of jealousy among ladies. Every time she gets on stage, you’d not fail to recognize her ever glowing skin and if you didn’t know her secret, be thankful you came here. Every time she’s in New York, Kim Kardashian heads at Cindy’s Barshop’s Completely Bare to have her skin treated.

Kim Kardashian

The spa applies a high-quality spray tan by St. Tropez which makes her outstanding. The spray is super light and creates an instant long-lasting tan with a pleasant smell. If you can get to Cindy’s Barshop, trying St. Tropez Tanning Essentials Self Tan Bronzing Mousse would be a great idea.

2. Infinity Sun Glow – Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is yet another public figure admired by many people across the world. She values Infinity Sun Glow on the Go which makes her outstanding and sexy. This spray has amazing features and contains essential oils, botanicals, and antioxidants that would make your skin sun-kissed.

Jessica Alba Portrait Session, New York, USA - 24 Jul 2018

Most importantly, it comes with an eco-friendly aerosol can which makes it easier for you to apply but you need a customized airbrush tan from a technician and apply the spray tan on your skin anytime you feel like.

3. Colour Couture – Anna Paquin

If you love watching True Bond and love the role of Anna Paquin as a vampire, it’s likely that you are attracted by her ever glowing skin. She was not born with a glowing skin but she wants to look stunning always and that’s why her love for spray tan is immeasurable.

Anna Paquin

She loves Monica Blanco’s efforts in developing Colour Couture which is an effective and a safe self-tanning product and she admits that her body looks good with this spray tan. Colour Couture has been approved by FDA and when you apply on your skin, it creates a natural bronzed color and does not leave any chemical odors. If you love Anna, you can resemble her looks with this spray tan.

4. Body Bling – Melissa Gorga

Melissa Gorga is a public figure famously known for her role as an American reality television personality, singer and author. If you admire her looks, the secret is Body Bling, a moist shimmering lotion she applies on her skin that lasts all day. Once you apply, you get an instant sun-kissed glowing skin and a shimmering radiance without any effect from the sun.


It’s a perfect spray tan for all skin types and as soon as it’s massaged on your skin, it will moisturize gently and create the effect of a slimmed, toned skin and will definitely make you a center of attraction in your workplace.

Final thoughts

When a celeb is on stage, all eyes are on her. This means that she must look good not just by her dressing code but also by the looks of her skins. For them to stand out, they use spray tan that makes their skin ever glowing. If you’d like to resemble them and become an admiration to many, try one of the above spray tans and that could be the best decision you ever make.