What Is The Best Travel Backpack For Women?

When style meets practicality

Travel is stressful, and women who travel know it well. In modern society, women are held to a standard. They are often discriminated against if their attire is not pleasing to the eye. However, practicality for traveling women is also incredibly important.

All too often, traveling women make a sacrifice when it comes to finding the perfect bag. If the bag does not fit their individual style, it is practical in the sense that it holds everything that they need: electronics, clothing, beauty supplies, and hygienic products. However, if they opt for a more stylish bag, they often can’t fit what they need.

The perfect solution

After research on the behalf of women, and myself, I have concluded that the best travel backpack for women is a bag called the Paravel Fold-up Backpack. As stated on their website, www.tourparavel.com, “convenience meets style with Paravel’s Fold-up Backpack”.


It comes in an array of colors to ensure there is something for every woman out there. Whether your style is dark colors like black, or navy blue, or if you’re partial to brighter tones like pastel pink, or forest green, there is a tone for you with this pack.Click here for more info.

Another neat feature that caught my eye was the embroidery option. For an extra $15 charge, you can have any monogram embroidered on your bag.

The bag is spacious, and comes with a small, matching cosmetic pouch for no additional charge. When not in use, the bag easily folds up, and can be crammed in the tightest of spaces in your closet, or wardrobe.


The soft, clean look of this bag is sure to compliment any travelers attire. At a flat rate of $65 per bag, not including a possible $15 extra charge for custom embroidery, the Paravel Fold-up Backpack makes for the perfect bag for travel. To discover more,click for more info on Paravel and their products at www.tourparavel.com