What Are Hurricane Impact Doors?

As much as we try to prevent various disasters, sometimes we can’t avoid nature’s fury. Natural disasters such as hurricanes and storms strike without warning and can wreak havoc in our homes. Especially during a hurricane, strong winds and flying debris may come into your home and cause damage to your valuable belongings. Winds can enter through your windows and doors and lift your roof.

Since you can’t prevent a hurricane, the only thing you can do is be prepared for it. A preparation task you should seriously consider is installing impact-resistant doors.

What are hurricane impact doors?

These are not your regular doors.hurricane impact doors are doors constructed using thick layers of impact-resistant laminated glass and sturdy frames. When strong winds and flying debris hit this door, it doesn’t shatter. Other than being built not to shatter, these doors are also designed in a way they can resist corrosion.


The wood used in regular doors may deteriorate when exposed to high levels of humidity. Impact doors are constructed using better metals and high-quality wood that won’t break down or corrode in high humidity.

They also come with a UV protection film that prevents UV rays from entering your home. This way, your furniture, drapery, and other times will stay safe.

Are there any other reasons to install these impact doors?

Other than hurricane protection, these doors have other benefits as well. For instance, they protect your home from unwanted intruders. Since doors are one of the target parts by burglars, they don’t shatter easily when hit by an object.


This way, you and your loved ones can sleep peacefully knowing that there is an additional feature to protect your home. Other than that, they are very thick, which means that they don’t allow noise to come into your home. You won’t have noisy distractions from passing cars, dogs barking, loud music, or your neighbor’s lawnmower.

Now that you’ve known about impact doors to protect against hurricanes, it’s time to install them in your home. While some people may argue that they’re costlier than regular doors, their installation costs are minimal as compared to the costs of replacing your hurricane-damaged belongings. Make a wise decision today.