Top 5 Websites For Lightroom Presets

Photography is rapidly increasing its popularity in the era we are living in. New equipment and software are being developed daily to make photography more natural and better. One of the innovations that photography can not assume is the Lightroom presets. The Lightroom presets to make the photo editing work easier and faster for photographers.

Adobe Lightroom is the most commonly used by photographers worldwide.Its presents are amazingly decent, and you can choose from a broad range of presets.

However, due to the diversity in the photography market, its default presets look so “default.”For these reasons, other Lightroom presets developers have come with various sites. In some of these websites, you can get the presets for free while in others; you must pay a fee.

Apart from Sleeklens – Photographers 1st Choice for Lightrooom & Photoshop, here is a list of the Top 5 Websites For Lightroom Presets; is a website with an immense collection of high-quality presets. You can get all these Lightroom presets for less than $150.However, if you are not interested in an extensive array of the Lightroom presets, you can simply purchase individual packages of the presets.


What makes your preferred website for the best Lightroom presets is the fact that you can also get Photo overlays, print templates and photoshop actions on the platform.

2.Pretty Presets.

Pretty Presets is another very good site with an extensive collection of useful presets. Most of the Lightroom presets on Pretty Presets are mainly themed towards; engagement, weddings, and portrait photography. However, you can tune these presets to your preferred situation.

On Pretty Presets, the presets are nicely categorized making it easy for you to choose what you want. On this platform, you must pay for the presets.

3. ShutterSweets

ShutterSweets is a website entirely new in the Lightroom presets market. However, it offers so much. On ShutterSweets, you can download the presets for no fee at all.

Another thing that makes ShutterSweets a preferred site for presets is the unlimited Membership they offer; upon registration, you will enjoy lifetime access to the contents of the website.

4.Creative market.

The Creative market is a platform that photographers and designers sell their products. This means that you can find Lightroom presets from various sellers.

Hence, the quality of the presets will vary. However, the price is affordable, and the quality will not disappoint you.


Contrastly is another great platform that offers you a wide variety of affordability, and quality. There are so many presets ready for sale. Most importantly, you can purchase the presets in packs or alternatively buy all of them for a very reasonable and friendly price.

Remember, your choice of Lightroom presets is what will determine the ease in editing your photographs and the result of photo editing. Always go for a website that offers you a variety of preset for your work. Price of the presets also matters, but that should never limit you if you really want quality photographs.