How To Travel More Sustainably For 2019

The pursuit of global environmental sustainability is not only limited to one’s immediate environment. It is a principle that every human being should be carrying around with them. It is no secret that human beings have always been creatures that love to travel, experience, and see the world.

Travelling is one of the most exciting activities to pa take in, and none can deny all the positive aspects that it comes with.

However, like everything else, it has its negative side. Especially relating to the environment, resources, and sustainability. With these few tips from travel experts, one can now learn how to travel sustainably in 2019 especially.

Research on Your Destination

When traveling, choose a destination that puts sustainability at its forefront. A destination that does this also elevates the traveler’s experience. Avoid places that have water shortages for this will put a strain on the locals.


If you do travel to an area with water shortage, you can carry with you a portable water purifier such as Steripen or carry a water bottle that has in-built water -purifiers. Sustaining their cultural and natural resources and heritage also supports and improves the livelihoods of those that work in the industry.

Consider Your Mode of Transportation

It is more recommended that when you want to travel more sustainably to be more aware of the mode of transport, you’ll be using. This is very important.

Since air is the most popular way to reach some of the best destinations in the world, choose an eco-friendly airline. This means that their planes use sustainable bio-fuel.

click to read more on the available airlines near you that are eco-friendly. Better yet if possible, choose a destination that is easily accessible by other eco-friendly modes of transport. A train, compared to a regular aero plain emits ten times less carbon into the atmosphere.

Recycle and Reuse

This is very important to remember and practice while you travel sustainably. Carry your water in reusable bottles and your food in recyclable containers. More often than not, plastic ends up in nature and in the water, which is harmful to the natural environment and wildlife.

Learn Directly From the Locals

Put away those travel books and forget about what you’ve read on online reviews or recommendations. The best way to truly experience is by learning from locals. Talking to them and engaging will give you a full picture of the area. It is also important to try as much as possible to do things like the locals. Eat how they eat and what they eat. Shop at the local stores and markets and buy merchandise that is only locally made or produced. This will ensure that you contribute to the local economy and they benefit from you being a tourist there.


The best way to know if you have achieved to travel sustainably is by making sure you leave a place better than you found it. Think about the way you use resources. Don’t take long baths if not necessary as this affects local people. Check to ensure that the gifts you bring back home are not made using materials that may harm the environment. Also visiting areas stricken by calamities or have a low economy as a tourist could boost their economy, which would be much needed.