How to Overcome Working Mum Challenges

Once a taboo, the concept of working mothers is being embraced by an increasing number of women, mainly because many families find it hard living in comfort by relying solely on the husband’s salary. However, by accepting a full-time job, many mothers are exposing themselves to additional stress that impacts all the different areas of their lives. Many working mothers struggle to balance the role of a mum and that of an employee, and even though they add to the income of the family, they tend to sacrifice a lot in order to achieve that. That’s why in this article we’re sharing a couple of tips that might help a working mum overcome the struggles and challenges that come with this role. Take a look.

Ditch the mommy guilt and set some boundaries


Many working mothers feel guilty when they can’t spend time with their family, thinking about all the things they’re missing out on by not being at home. However, what many moms don’t realize is that by accepting the role of a provider, they’re already helping their family a lot. Because of the additional income, they’re able to afford a better, healthier lifestyle for their families, even though they have to sacrifice some time to get there. That is why you need to make sure that you spend quality time with your kids and spouse, focusing your energy solely on them. Whether it’s disconnecting from electronics or limiting your working hours – decide what’s important to you, set some boundaries and stick to them. After all, it’s not about how many hours you spend with your family, it’s about how you spend them.

Consider quality childcare facilities


Raising children requires constant attention and dedication, something that working parents simply cannot afford, which means a quality childcare facility has to be arranged. Now, choosing the right early education service can be tough if you don’t know what to look for in a programme. Every parent wants only the best for their child, and one way to achieve that is to look for programmes that offer an alternative approach to early years education, respect children’s individuality, and offer great curricula taught by experienced teachers. By enrolling your kid in a fun playgroup where your child can learn, play, socialize and grow by participating in physical, sensory, and creative play activities, you will ensure they develop to their fullest potential while being properly taken care of.

Get organized

Schedules are a godsend when trying to keep everything in order. From dividing up the household chores and going grocery shopping to picking up the kids and cooking the meals – when every family member has their set of tasks to fulfill, days tend to go so much smoother and there is a lot less stress involved. Since no one likes to do things in a hurry, it’d be a good idea to organize everything the night before. Laying out the outfits and preparing the lunches before you go to bed will make your mornings so much easier while packing all the essentials for the day will allow for a stress-free commute to school and work.

Make self-care a priority

After a long and stressful day of running around and dealing with all the different tasks and duties, every working mother needs a time out. We all want to be effective parents and spouses, but before you can care for anyone else, you need to care of yourself first. Whether it’s the hot bubble bath and a glass of wine in the evening, a refreshing afternoon at the spa, or simply reading your favorite book before you go to bed, fitting some ‘me’ time into your hectic schedule will work wonders, and simple acts of kindness towards yourself will go a long way in preserving both your mental and physical health.

With an increasing number of moms in the workforce, women are pressured to juggle between the roles of a housewife, a spouse, a mother, and a worker. Is it difficult? Yes. Is it doable? Very much. The tips above will make that process much easier for you and they will help you establish an ideal work-life balance.