How Long Does It Take To Road Trip Across Canada

Road trips are fantastic ways of seeing anything and everything you want to enjoy. Though some people choose to travel by flight, you can only experience nature and enjoy the heart of the country by taking a road trip. Here is the big question, how long does it take to road trip across Canada?

Canada is famous for having one of the most amazing wildlife and nature as well as fantastic wildlife. This article looks at how long it takes to road trip across Canada.

The basics

You should not be overwhelmed by the size of Canada, but instead, you should embrace and tackle it head-on. The average distance across Canada is about three thousand miles. A road trip in this beautiful country takes about three weeks, but it can take about three days if you get behind the wheel for about six hours every day.


It’s also important to note that will cover four time zones including the eastern time zone, central, mountain and pacific time zone. More so, the highway speed limit is about 100 to 120km/hr. Depending on the provinces.

The route

Canada has many road trips. The quickest way is heading south in Ontario. However, if you want an adventurous type of road trip and have a reasonable amount of time to kill, Trans-Canada Highway is the best.

Depending on which end that you start your journey, you will have the chance to see most of the Canada attractions starting from British Columbia, Victoria to St. Johns Newfoundland. you can check here for other attraction spots along the way. Areas that you don’t want to miss include Hartland Covered Bridge, Quebec City, Gros Morne National Park, Fort Louisburg and Royal Tyrell Museum of Paleontology.


Road trip

A road trip through Canada on the trans-Canada highway will give you a great time and show you the best of this country. According to me, an ultimate road trip will take about five weeks. Ensure that you plan accordingly for the journey.