How Do You Price Handmade Jewelry?

We all love HANDMADE JEWELRY BOUTIQUE as a fashion accessory and the artisans like showing the world their skills. Some of the pieces will be timeless in designs, and we will be wearing them for years to come, and other pieces will be high fashion, and we will not want to wear them after the fashion season has finished.

It’s hard to price handmade jewelry because they are many viewpoints and philosophies to consider. The following are factors that are used to price handmade jewelry:

The quality of the jewelry

This is the factor that is first considered when pricing handmade jewelry. It is the desire of every person to have the best jewel that is not only colorful but also long-lasting.


No one who can be lured by the cosmetic beauty of any type of jewelry. No one who buys a necklace which can spill beads during a dance in a party. Such a jewel could simply ruin your day. Designer jewelry tends to be more expensive.

The Exclusivity of jewelry

The beauty of any designer jewel lies in its exclusivity. Avoid jewelry models which every Tom and Jerry possesses in town. Many people always get amazed by the new looks of any type of jewelry that they acquire.

Make sure that your jewelry has got beads that are tough enough to withstand some minor forces that come with body movements.

The common all jewelry designers make is to underprice their products in their HANDMADE JEWELRY BOUTIQUE. Always remember you do more job than the seller. You should, therefore, change more than the average charge should be more than material costs, your hourly rate +, or increase your hourly rate. The following are tips that you can use to price your jewelry.

Never compete with imports on pricing


Your designer jewelry is always better than imports. You should position your self as high-quality artisan and ask for reasonable prices. When new in the market, start with lower prices to attract customers and increase your prices as you become famous.

Charging too low

If your products are too cheap, they will be perceived as low-quality products. Customers think that they get what they pay for hence if you are cheap, they assume you are selling garbage

You can use any of the following Retail and Wholesale Pricing Models

-3.5 x the material cost
-3 x the material cost
-$18/hour-labor + 1x materials plus 50%
-Eyeballing, i.e. you can guess the cost
-$36/hour-labor + 1x materials
-$25/hour-labor + 1x materials plus 50% profit
-$20/hr. Labor + mat. +20%profit + 5%overhead

Common retail pricing models used by jewelry designers:

-2.0 x wholesale
-1.9 x wholesale
-1.8 x wholesale
-1.7 x wholesale
-1.6 x wholesale
-1.5 x wholesale
-1.4 x wholesale

Fashion plays a large part in a woman’s world, and unique handmade jewelry boutique collections are as important to a woman as is her collection of shoes and clothes. These pieces could be fashion designs bought from the large stores or traditional handcrafted jewelry designs that have been made from precious metals and gemstones. Price your jewelry fairly, and you will make a living as an artist.