How do you become a medical transcriptionist?

Medical transcriptionists are responsible for composing written reports from an audio recording made by physicians, among other healthcare professionals. These documents are a permanent part of patients’ files. The papers may be lab test results, operative reports, referral papers, medical histories or discharge summaries. As a medical transcriptionist, you can decide to work from home or can ask the physicians you work to give you an office. According to statistics, these professionals earn a median salary of approximately $35, 000 annually.

It’s, therefore, a field of work that many people would love joining. And if you have interest and wondering how to go about it, you have come to the right page. In this article, I present to you an ultimate list of things you must consider fulfilling for you to become a medical transcriptionist.

1. Earn a Certificate in MT or an Associate Degree


To become a medical transcriptionist call you to finish your high school diploma and there it’s you qualify. However, if you want to gain a competitive edge while seeking for employment, you should take an associate degree or a certificate in MT. In this way, you gain knowledge in medical terminologies which will be essential for your job.

2. Take a Test and Measure You Speed

After the degree, you should take either RHDS or CHDS exams, and the good thing is that these exams are available online. The exams test you on your knowledge of medical terminologies. They also test you on your English abilities checking on grammatical errors.

It’ll test you on your ability to create a professional reference paper. When you take the exam, test your speed and see how many words you can write a minute. An excellent medical transcriptionist should type at least thirty words in a minute.

3. Gain Experience

Every working opportunity will need students to gain real-workplace experience. You should, therefore, apply for internship programs while at school. An internship will help you learn more of the medical transcription solutions. Also, most of the employers will consider at least two years of experience as a qualification that the candidates should have in their CV.

4. Choose Your Work Environment

When you’re a medical transcriptionist, you can work from home or office of your employer. But you first need to find a job. To do this, you can send applications to nearby hospitals or physician clinic offices. You can also use online job sites such as Craigslist or the You should, however, keep your request professional and convince the employer that you’re a professional.


Working from home will require you purchase personal office equipment. These will include a suitable computer system or a laptop with a reliable internet connection. You should also create space for office, and have transcription software and a foot pedal.

5. Earn all Certification

In this field, you should aim to get all the certifications. With the high competition in the market, most employers will consider only the certified candidates. Among the most recommendable certification include Certified Medical Transcription and Registered Medical Transcription.

You can get either of the two from the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity.

You were wondering about how to become a professional medical transcriptionist, now there it is folks, an ultimate list of things you should accomplish for you to be a quailed MT. Consider observing each of these steps, and you’ll successfully be a qualified Medical Transcriptionist.