How Do Restaurants Maintain Inventory?

Running a restaurant is both rewarding and stressful. Not only do you have to keep your customers happy on the front end, but you also have to keep things running smoothly in the back.

One of the most important tasks that you will be faced with when running a restaurant is inventory control. Below we are going to learn how busy restaurants keep up with their inventory.

Start From The Beginning

If you are a new restaurant owner or a manager that has taken over an establishment, you will need to start from the beginning.


Before you can get a handle on your inventory, you will need to do an in-house audit. This will let you know what you have and what you might need to order. This is just one way that restaurants keeps up with their inventory.

Conduct Inventory Checks Daily

While other types of business do inventory checks quarterly, those that work in the food industry conducts them daily. This is partly because most of the inventory that a restaurant has is perishable and needs to be monitored closely.

Also, they conduct daily inventory checks and the end of the day to see what they may need for the next day. This helps them always have fresh ingredients and the chances of running out of menu items are reduced.

They Have An Inventory Policy

Any successful restaurant will have an inventory policy in place. This policy will help guide employees in the right direction which will help with keeping up with inventory. Most of these policies require workers to keep accurate records. This will help you as an owner improve your business in many different ways.

The Right Software

When you are dealing with inventory, it can be difficult to keep up without some help. The restaurant inventory software can help you keep up with things and make your job much easier. After you have input your inventory into this software, it will keep track of it and let you know when you need to order items.


This takes the guesswork out of inventory control and you will always know what you have on hand. It will also help you keep items in stock which is highly important.

They Put One Person In Charge

A busy restaurant needs a good chef to be successful but it also needs someone in charge of inventory. Most medium to large restaurants will have one person that is in charge of inventory. While other employees will give them a hand, the person in charge will be responsible for inventory control.

Having someone dedicated to inventory can make your life as a manager or owner much easier. Depending on the size of your restaurant, this job might be a full-time position.

Inventory control does not have to be hard if you have the right tools. A good software program can help you keep up with things and having someone dedicated to inventory control will help as well. So if you are thinking of opening a new restaurant, you might want to consider some of these options.