How can a teacher help students improve writing skills?

“How can a teacher help students improve writing skills?” This is a common inquiry among teachers, as a large number of writing assignments are given out in the classroom. Students’ writing is obviously one of their main strengths, and this strength needs to be developed. But how can this be done?

A writing center coordinator

The first thing to do is to make sure that the writing center the student will be assigned to has a writing center coordinator. This person should be able to guide you in your planning. They should also have a wide range of resources that you can access when you need them. There are likely to be times when you need help on a specific assignment and you may feel isolated without the information you need. By being able to ask a question or two at each step of the assignment, you can increase your chance of getting the answers you need.

Assign them a paper to read

Another thing that you can do to help students study and improve writing skills is to assign them a paper and books to read. Whether they will be studying composition, grammar, reading, or whatever, having a study schedule is critical to success. Having a set time per paper for them to read and learn is crucial to helping them learn. If you do not have a study schedule set up, try to have a set time for each assignment so that they know exactly what to expect before they begin writing the paper.

Consider using journaling

You may also want to consider using journaling in your classroom. Journaling is simply recording what you did on an assignment in your journal. For example, if you did an essay, you would write an article about it, a reflection, or even a personal essay. Students may be less likely to do well on assignments if they cannot focus on what they are doing. Letting them take notes throughout the entire semester will allow them to do just that-not focus on what they are doing but rather, let the notes speak for themselves.

students working on improving writing skills

Give feedback

Most importantly, never let students complete writing assignments without feedback. If they did not learn how to do something correctly, give them tips. If they did not learn how to properly spell a word, give them examples. Every little bit helps when it comes to helping your student to improve. Even, if the tips you give students do not entirely work, at least they will feel that you are listening to them and are taking the time to address their concerns.

Have regular appointments

Finally, have regular appointments per assignment. Having a set time for them to come in and study for their writing test will help them get the most out of the class. If you do not have set study skills tutoring appointments per assignment, try to have them come in after class or early in the morning so that they can refresh themselves. They may then become more comfortable with taking writing tests. Having a set time for them to work on writing tests can also help you get into the habit of working with your students at a certain hour.

Make sure that all assignments are due at the same time, and give students an extra day or two to answer any questions they may have. Students tend to forget that their assignments are due even if they have all of their requirements, so make sure to remind them of this before their deadline. You can also give students extra time to answer a test that they have already sat but are not sure if they have actually answered it or not. Instructors will most likely remind students to answer it as soon as they can but they may forget at some point. Giving students extra time to answer their papers or other assignments can help students feel more confident about completing their assignments on time.


There are common strategies that you can use to help students strengthen specific content areas. These strategies usually revolve around creating effective text. For example, if your student has trouble expressing himself in words, using effective ad copy can help them express themselves more clearly. Another strategy is to remind them of previous objectives that they may have forgotten, and go back over them. Creating a clear plan for writing instructions is an easy way to help students improve their writing skills and it can do wonders for their grades as well.