Best Team Building Activities in Atlanta

team building activitiesTeam building activities are quite common among various companies in Atlanta. Atlanta has tremendous and friendly places where people can carry out their team building activities without any restrictions. As long you come up with activities that everyone involved will enjoy, well you are guaranteed to have a good time.

What are the benefits of holding team building activities?

• Strengthens unity.

This is the only place where you get to mingle and get close with other members of your company. Therefore, having the opportunity to do various things together helps to strengthen your relationship and get to know one another.

• Increases motivations.

This happens when the employees grouped in different categories are required to complete various tasks and do them correctly. Being able to accomplish these tasks in front of other members of the company helps to boost the employees’ confidence even when they go back to the office.

• Improves productivity.

One method of ensuring that the company is productive and the employees are active is through working as a team. Teamwork plays a considerable role in improving the overall growth of the company. So, the teamwork activities help the employees to learn how to work together as a team.

Top best team building activities in Atlanta.

• Few minutes to win games.

This is a fun game that is meant to test the members’ speed in completing various tasks. Just come up with few activities and set up the time in which the selected members in different teams will finish. For example, divide the members into four equal groups, and they choose two members of each group to represent their colleagues in the activity. Then, set a jar of water about 10 ft away from where the competing members are standing.

Each member from the four groups will be required to carry a glass of water using their teeth and empty the water into the jar. Whoever completes it fast will earn points for their group. Such a game can take about 90 seconds for every member involved.

• The amazing race.

Amazing race is an excellent team building activity which you get to do as a selected group. It involves all members following different routes which will lead them back to the starting point. Note that this is done using a timer as you have to get back to the initial position before the time expires. This activity consists of other minor tasks that the members need to fulfill such as collecting various items or even delivering the items to the required places.

• Crime investigation.

This activity helps to determine how the employees can be able to work as a team in finding a common goal or even how good they are when it comes to critical thinking. So, every group of the employees will be assigned a crime task where they have to collect, evidence, find the leads, and also determine the suspects who are involved in that crime. Ensure to take as many pictures and videos to provide proof of your investigations.

• Corporate cast ways.

How tight are you when faced with challenges, this is the perfect team building activity to help you determine your strengths and weaknesses as a whole corporate organization. Set up outdoor activities which are challenging and the members should undertake those challenges head-on, and come up with one solution. Note that these activities are best done on the outdoor areas especially in areas that have challenging environmental features.

• Escape game.

Escape game also referred to as ESCAPE ROOM is the team building game where the members are confined in a room, and they have to use the provided puzzles, hints and also clues to find their way out. In other cases, the game may require the members to find a treasure in the room. So, set up different places and let the best team win in coming out of the room victorious. Again, this kind of activity helps to strengthen the relationship between employees as they have to work as a team.


If you are preparing for a team building event for your employees in Atlanta, consider the above-reviewed activities as they aim at building up the relationship among the employees and challenging them for the better and growth of the company too.