Best Soles for Flat Feet

If you have flat feet, then you are familiar with the common challenges in finding a well-fitted, supportive, and comfortable footwear that best suits your feet. Often, people with flat feet rely on over the counter inserts to have their soles customized to perfectly fit and suit their feet. When shopping for a footwear, it is critical to select a sole that offers just the right amount of structure, stability, and flexibility.

The right amount of cushioning is also critical. Additionally, you must be sure the paddings are springy, supportive and will not compress after a few days. Lack of shock absorption insoles can cause a great deal of pain in the lower back of the joints. Listed below are some of the best soles for flat feet.

1. Tread Labs-Stride soles

Soles from Tread Labs are specifically designed to boost support and comfort in individuals with flat feet. Using biochemical, the soles for flat feet limit over pronation by cradling the foot. Thus, promoting healthy alignment of joints. Additionally, the deep cushioning of the heels are designed to help you improve your foot’s natural padding ability.

2. Sof Sole Airr Orthotic Full Length

These soles are perfect for people who have a lot of walking to do. They are manufactured from nylon stability plates that offer added support while enhancing motion for flat or low arched feet. Besides, they have added cushioning that helps keep the feet in alignment by providing effective shock support.

Foot examination

In addition, the Skydex Air Bubbles offers more cushioning in both the heel and arch. The bubbles help in absorbing any impact. Besides, the Gel padding also helps in absorbing shock. With a Coolmax fabric, the sole fabric covers keep the feet dry, cool, and comfortable.

3. Powerstep Pinnacle Premium

Specifically designed by a podiatrist, these specific soles are made in the US. It consists of a semi-rigid support system that features heel cradle, deep firm arch support and two layers of foam cushioning and a plush anti-microbial cover that is designed to reduce friction and heat during active use.

In addition, the soles offer medical-grade support for people who are suffering from mild or moderate pronation, plantar fasciitis and a variety of foot problems.

4. Birkenstock Blue Footbed Casual

Made of a combination of corks and synthetic materials, these soles provide great support and comfort. Besides, it features a high side, deep heel cup, and contoured arches that help in the reduction of foot fatigue while at the same time, help in evenly distribution of weight to balance pressure on the sole of the foot. Besides, the comfortable soles are line with an ilk absorbent.

5.Superfeet Blue Premium Soles

Superfeet is comfortable and durable synthetic, vegan-friendly and latex-free soles contain an anti-bacterial coating that assist in reduction of odors. The soles are ideal for people with a medium arch and desire an intermediate support.


They always recommended helping relieve pain in the arches and heels associated with plantar fasciitis. Besides, the soles are highly structured to reinforce rails and deep heel cup. With a biochemical shaping, the soles provide active support to the foot while the layer of density provides shock absorption.