Benefits of Signing up for a Beauty Subscription Box

What do you do when you want to shop your regular beauty products or try out new ones? You go on a shopping spree and probably end up buying items you do not need. What if we told you there is a way to have your shopping spree delivered to your home? Yeah, that’s possible by signing up for a beauty products subscription box from companies such as Birchbox and Boxycharm.

The idea of a subscription box initially began with beauty boxes. Ideally, once you sign up to such a service you receive an assortment of beauty products monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.The following are the benefits of signing up for a beauty subscription box:

You Get To Experiment With New Products

Like most shoppers, you tend to buy the same products each time you visit a store. Yet, beauty product lines launch new and useful products regularly. With a subscription box, you are not in control of the items inside. It might be mascara, a new type of lip gloss, a bottle of perfume you have never tried or even shaving cream. Most subscription box providers offer products from high-end product lines.

Therefore, signing up for a subscription box allows you to try out new products. One is also able to compare their old products that they had previously used with new products in the market. In addition, you get to sample stuff before deciding to pay the full price for the products.

Value for Money

The best part about a subscription box is that its value is always significantly more than you are paying. For instance, Boxycharm subscription boxes cost $21, and each box contains items with a minimum value of $100. And, according to Boxycharm subscriber reviews, the company offers full-sized products, not small-sized samples.

Note that, the cheapest of beauty products cost about $25 and many subscription boxes will cost you approximately the same amount. The point is subscription boxes with a variety of products end up providing value for money.


A subscription box is delivered at your doorstep on a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual basis depending on when one orders it. Having items delivered to your home saves you the trouble of having to visit a store every now and then. And ultimately, this arrangement saves you time.

Items are Specially Hand-picked For You

Most companies that offer these boxes do not randomly pick the items. They customize the contents to suit your needs and preferences. So, if you find it difficult to select what you want at a store, a subscription box might be just what you need. And, will it not make you feel unique knowing that someone specially handpicked the items for you?

Clearly, there are various benefits to signing up to a beauty subscription box. These boxes provide range of new products, value for money, convenience, and you get to try out new products that are hand-picked to match your need and preferences.