Are running socks important?

Having regular runs can put your feet under stress. Hence, most runners will agree that the choice of footwear makes a huge difference in joint protection, endurance, and the ability to recover after a difficult or long run. However, what is often overlooked while shopping for running footwear, is the worth and importance of running socks. It is common knowledge and it begs the question why purchase an expensive pair of running shoes and then wrap your feet in low-quality socks?


Running socks have a good role in supporting a runner, more succinctly through their long-distance races. In this guide, therefore, we take a look at some of the importance of running socks and why you should consider buying the best socks to protect your feet.

1. Reducing Movement

Whenever you put on cheap socks, you will have a slippery feeling and sliding in your shoes. This happens even if you are walking. Therefore, having high-quality socks can help provide additional grip that stabilizes your feet inside the shoes. In addition, it helps reduce the movement, and thus reduced friction that means fewer painful blisters. So, what are some of the best socks to prevent blisters? Here is a list:

-Injinji trail 2.

-Swift vibe two

-Darn tough Vermont

-Drymax lite trail

2. Moisture-wicking

Most runners suffer from blisters. There is much that technical running socks can help in preventing frequent blisters. Using a double layered of fabric in running socks help reduce movement. Additionally, it helps draw sweat and moisture away from the skin. When the skin remains relatively dry, there is less friction and irritation on the skin, thus blisters are likely not to occur.

3. Additional Cushioning

Although the mileage covered by runners differ, some runners find running socks helpful especially in providing additional cushioning and padding around the high impact areas like the toes, balls of the feet and the heels. Additionally, when running on rugged surfaces, running socks also act as additional shock absorbers, hence keeping your feet safe always.


4. Additional Join Support

High quality running socks offer extra support by creating a firm weave around the ankle area that extends to the top of the socks. If you are always weak on your ankle joints but do not want to have bandages and wraps around your ankle joints, then a strategic socks choice might be the solution to your woes. In fact, it is all that will make the difference.

5. Prevent foot swelling and offer comfort

Comfort while running is key. Having good running socks that act as compression socks can help push the blood past the ankle, thus promoting a free flow of blood. In turn, free flow blood helps prevent the feet from swelling.


Most runners suffer from swelling feet since they do not have the right gear to prevent this from happening. Running using normal socks might prevent free flow of blood around the ankles. With poor blood circulation the end results is a swollen foot.

Summing Up

Most people think that running socks are a novelty item to purchase, but this is further from the truth. Modern technical advances indicate that there are more benefits to buying high-quality socks. When shopping for running socks, it is worthy to look for socks that are designed to reduce the risk of injury and has unique features that will help support your foot throughout your training and race sessions.