5 Skills That Can Help You Get Promoted

Looking to get promoted? The best way to start off is to learn new skills that’ll show you’re up for the task. The best part of it is that you’ll be growing as a professional while also increasing your chances of landing a promotion. But what skills should you look to acquire? And how exactly do you learn them? Read on to find out.

Foreign languages


If the only language you speak is English, there are a lot of people out there you simply can’t communicate with. Just by learning the basics of Spanish, French, Chinese or any other language you want, you instantly become more valuable to your company as you can communicate in their name with other people. Sometimes, it takes years of learning and practice before you become fluent. However, just by taking classes online or enrolling in a local foreign language course, you might end up picking up enough to use it at work. There are even apps such as Duolingo that can help you get started.


Communication is an important part of every job but many professionals take it for granted. When you think about it, everything you do during your workday requires good communication skills. For example, if you’re interviewing a candidate for your company, you can’t evaluate them unless you ask the right questions. Similarly, when talking to clients, being able to communicate well is guaranteed to help you seize the deal. Some people are just born with it but if you believe your communication skills need improvement, there are ways you can do it. Learn the basics of nonverbal communication, practice a lot and ask friends and family for honest feedback.


Employees at a higher position are often asked to help new team members figure out how to do their job. If your bosses see you’re good at mentoring, the chances of getting that big promotion become much higher. Although a huge part of it is experience, there are things you can do to improve your mentoring skills. Try to become a proactive listener and really understand what your mentee needs. You can also consider turning to experts who offer LMS in Sydney to create courses and an improved learning experience. In fact, taking a course yourself can always be a huge plus.

Public speaking

Whether you’re speaking in small groups or large ones, it’s very important for professionals to know how to communicate with their audience. Being able to present with professionalism and polish means you can take on a bigger role in the company and hold important meetings. Moreover, you can pitch new ideas to clients and help the company grow. The best way to improve your public speaking or presentation skills is to learn more about how to make a good presentation. Once you do that, it’s time to practice and use every opportunity you get to present.

Professional writing


Most jobs involve writing in one form or another. Whether it’s writing reports or business emails, being able to leave the most lasting professional impression can land you that big promotion you’re after. If your bosses get a chance to see examples of your writing, you may even be asked to write for your company’s blog or industry publications. When it comes to writing, practice makes perfect but before you start writing on a regular basis, taking a course in professional writing is a good idea. Especially since you can now do everything online.

The bottom line

No matter what your job is, learning these five skills is your safest route towards promotion. Put enough time and effort into it and you can start thinking about landing that huge role in your company you’ve always wanted.