2018 Anthony Award Nominees Announced

Shaun Rush of Bouchercon is writing on the 2018 Anthony Award Nominees. Writers were nominated on various categories such as the best novel, best first novel, best paperback original, Bill Crider award for Best Novel in a series, best anthology, short story, online content and best critical/ nonfiction work. The various writers such as Michael Connelly, Anthony Horowitz among others were nominated for the best novel. In the novel: Bluebird, Bluebird, Attica Locke talks of issues of race and justice in America. It shows the hatred and love among the blacks and the Americans and the shades between. The investigations carried out shows how Americans are confused when it comes to race issues. The Force written by Don Winslow is a cop novel. It shows the unexpected happenings of urban living with various flashbacks in the American society. Denny Malone aspires to be a good coop, but he is involved in illegal activities such as stealing of dollars. He is caught and expected to choose either his friends, family or his work. In the best first novel, Jane Harper was nominated for “The Dry.” This a satirical novel which talks of military and war. Jane says she was driven by the gun lobby and the inability to stand for it. Kristen Lepionka was nominated for The “Last Place You Look.”

2018 Anthony Award Nominees AnnouncedThe best novel in a series included authors such as Thomas Pluck “Bad Boy Boogie,” James W. Ziskin “Cast The First Stone” among others. Additionally, “The Day I Died” by Lori Rader-Day,” Bad Boy Boogie” by Thomas Pluck in the category of the Best Paperback Original. Thomas Pluck talked of the aftermath of revenge and explored on if you avenge does it mean you are evil yourself. In researching his novel, he followed the advice of one of the crime writers, Les Edgerton who has been able to see a penitentiary.

Bill Crider Award for the Best Novel in a Series included: “Dangerous Ends” written by Alex Segura, “Give Up the Dead” by Joe Clifford. Among the Best Nonfiction books include Chester B. Himes: A Biography written by Lawrence P. Jackson.

Various authors such as Kristen Lepionka expound more on what made her write her novel. The reason behind her writing is influenced by multiple other writers and what goes on in the society. She said she was driven by the courage and toughness of Grafton Kinsey, a female investigator in fictional crimes. Furthermore, she was also inspired by the tensions and conflicts that occur in her hometown Colombus, Ohio. So many aspects drove her to write and successfully became one of the nominated.